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All Mirth and No Matter

About this journal

About this journal

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Trance Gemini
Mostly I wanted to create a journal to document not only the creative process but also, to keep a log of my work. Secondly its a great way to keep up with friends and such.

What the hell is a "wyrdfae"?
My old nickname, faeriegoddess, had already been taken, and frankly had worn out its welcome. It doesn't mean anything to me outside a certain context that is really more about a different place and a different me. ("so awesome" is the new "goddess", apparently)
I wanted some kind of "fae". I picked "wyrd" because it is both a Shakespeare reference and a Dune reference - both alluding to the magic and spirituality which is something I find in creating. It's cheesy and I'm ok with that so I don't have to loose a level or go directly to jail without passing go.

Membership has its...privileges
This isn't a friends only journal per se, but I do try to keep the non-creative personal stuff from distracting from its possible integrity as a creative journal. I will usually make personal entries public for a short time and then f-lock them, that way if people really find my journal interesting as a knitting/creative blog they can see that without wading through post after post of minor personal angst, info about Houston events and questions about x-files. Those things may be interesting to someone who knows me personally or at least live in Houston, but not so much to someone who is just here for the pretty pictures. If you do actually know me, leave a message to be added.
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