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February 9th, 2014

52 things - Week 3

Well, I wanted to get a big project done this weekend.  It will just have to wait until later because I accidentally totally started a different one.  I really wanted to do something that wasn't more proof that I may be 12.
Week 3 - make art with a cartoon character.
It needs some work...

Anyway, Here's what I learned:
I always that I couldn't make something look like something specific really.  I stuck to abstract or stylized art.  Tarepanda may be the easiest thing to draw ever, but hey...good likeness.
 I should try a person next!

February 2nd, 2014

52 things - Week 2

chiho city glow
So it is week two and we have second verse same as the first, only this time we sing like Godzilla.
We sing the same verse like Godzilla because its the same basic thing, only bigger and requires more stuff. I decided that I liked making these on a fork enough that it would be worth a few bucks to get a loom.

So I'm doing this to keep from getting in a rut, and I promise I will do something else next time.  I like this project because it is all about color! Oh, and in other news, I am secretly 12. Apparently, my favorite thing to make is a rainbow re-conceptualized in a million different ways.  This should have gotten old way before it did.
Working on a loom gives you way more options, but it did take a bit to get the hang of it.

Fluttershy bracelet on the loom

turns into this (yet another rainbow for me and a FlutterShy colorway for my gf):

finished bracelets

So the take away was that this was a fun way to play with color. It's a very structured and analytical creative outlet, but isn't as emotionally satisfying as painting.  Also, there is certainly less staring at a blank canvas and I can wear it after.

January 26th, 2014

52 things - Week 1

Hi Everyone,
I am revamping this journal again. I am going to try one new thing a week and post terrible pictures or long ranmbly whatevers.
My orginal plan for this week was to make a rainbow loom(the ones you use to make bracelets out of rubber bands).  For some reason, I feel like 35 is too old to just go buy something for 20 bucks in the toy section.  (A bunch of stuff that slowly adds up to 20 is fine, for some reason.)  I figured that I have nails, and wood, and a hammer, I even have a drill - how hard could this be?  Apparently pretty hard. I would tell this story but it was pretty boring except for the part where nails were jumping out of the board. Now, in researching this I found that you could also do a lot of these with a fork.
Additionally, a little girl with a giant bow in her hair taught me how, I would say without leaving the house...but I did...twice...to buy some rubber bands, and more rubber bands, and more rubber bands...as instructed.


January 19th, 2014

One new thing a week

chiho city glow
I am going to try to do 52 new things this year and document them here.
My list so far:

try a new origami

go to a pub quiz night

set up a cricket loom (ooo I have the loom already)

Make paper ( did this nearly 20 years ago so it counts a new)

Make a cute cartoon ATC or postcard

3/2 see as many Oscar contenders as possible before the oscars air...and then watch the oscars. This one will be very expensive :/

Only one of these has a date so far.
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