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Ms. Marvel #habiticaresolutions #readharder

Yesterday I read Ms. Marvel #3, which fits under at least 2 categories including All ages comic and comic about a female super hero.

Here are some thoughts about Oranges are not the Only Fruit. I had forgotten how much I had related to this one.  The main character is "all-in" on this whole god thing, even though it gives her nightmares. 


I was going to post about how I just finished reading Sister/Outsider by Audre Lorde for's Read Harder challenge, but instead I downloaded new LJ icons.  #oldschool
I am also going to re-read Oranges are not the Only Fruit as a book I have read before.

Existential Vampires

This is not finished....

I think it is pretty clear that vampires have always been a symbol of our darker natures, but in Buffyverse the metaphor goes a step further to make points about Joss' world view of human nature.
When Willow meets her vampire self, she says "That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil, and skanky... and I think I'm kinda gay." Buffy assures her that who someone is as a vampire has nothing to do with who you are as a person.  Angel is about to say something and stops himself.  It is hard to know if he didn't want to out Willow or point out that she could totally cheat on Oz, flay a guy, and try to destroy the world, or if he just doesn't want to let Buffy know what a jerk he was before he even got turned.
Angel was self involved as a human, and while he never directly hurt anyone, it was clear that he didn't care if he did.  Darla could see he had potential to embrace his darker nature and make a good ally, even though he was directionless as a human.
When he met Drucilla, he wanted her, and her ablity to see visions of the future, on his side.  He knew someone who was pure and kind could never make a good vampire.  He destroyed her mind, but also the communitiy that loved her for her purity. This was the only way for her to fully embrace her darker nature.
With her mind broken, she could kill without remorse, but she also did not have the intuitive sense to determine which human subjects would make the best vampires.
William was much Like Dru before Angel.  He was kind to a fault, and cared far too much for others to take a life. At first.  When he becomes a vampire, his new family has a different set of norms and values.  One of his first vampire act was one of selflessness that nearly gets him killed.  Even without a human soul, his brain's muscle memory remembers what it is like to care.
He goes along with this new life, plays the big bad, until he is. Killing 2 Slayers is a pretty big deal. He runs from who he was and builds his reputation on being the opposite of William.
Slowly, he becomes seperated from his vampire family.  Dru leaves him. A chip keeps him from hurting humans. He fights for good, because he is used to fighting.  For a while, he tries to convince everyone that he hates the Scoobies, but fighting with them changes him.  He turns down the blood of a girl Dru kills for him. He selflessly protects Buffy's sister.  His new community, that he is only barely accepted into, has some sway on his thinking, but in the end the choice is his. Spike wanted to be the hero, the knight in shining armor.  He could have asked to have the chip out, rather than to get his soul back.  Part of this change could be that he has gone back to the heart of who spike is, but also comes back to his choices and how those choices affect him.
Because Angelus was selfish as a human, and evil as a vampire, it is strange to think these principles would carry over to his personality when he became Angel. Before he got his soul back, he never thought about anyone else, or about how those choices could affect him. When his soul returned, he had plenty of time to think about everything he had done his whole life. Instead of doing something about it, he wanders the street.  It is not until he meets Whistler, that he starts making amends, and creating new habits.
Originally vampires may have symbolized our fears of our darker nature or of losing control, but Joss gives them more complexity; on his world this exchange can go both ways. Vampires are often a mixture of who they once were, who they want to be, the community they choose and what their choices are.  Vampires may be the darker part of us, but even they can redeem themselves. Human characters may decide to destroy the world. Vampires may save it.

52 things - Week 7

 This week for the first time I made paste and pass mail art.  I did something like this at a art gallery, but for this one, you decorate one section and send it in the mail.  The next person decorates a section and so on and then the last person sends it back to you.
I will post pictures of the end result as well.

Here is a sectioned one
Here is an un-sectioned one.
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52 things - Week 6

Watch as Many Oscar Contenders as possible before they air - mild spoilers!

First of all, I am working on this for over a month but counts as one week. This may not be a new thing for most people to do, but I have never done this. The why is complicated. I saw Argo because it won, and the question that has been bugging me all year has been "were all of those other movies THAT terrible." I feel like Argo was made with a nostalgia for a different time when we were all enemies rather than nosey neighbors. It felt weird that the intro seemed to actually have a balanced view point and the whole movie was felt like Arab-Bad, America-Pretty. (Do you like how I snuck in a Buffy reference?)It's like how you can't show a good guy smoking unless the movie is set in the 60's, I guess.
I was going to tell you what I thought of each movie but that seemed boring.  Instead I will list what I saw and what I am nominating that I think is relevant (or the ones for the oscar party contest).

I saw American Hustle, Capt Phillips, DBC, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, and 12 Years a Slave. That was all the Best picture noms I could handle. I saw Blue Jasmine b/c it looked better than Wolf of Wallstreet and was nominated for best actress and original screenplay. Saving Mr Banks which I think could have been another best actress is nominated for the score. I also saw Star Trek, Iron Man, and the Hobbit and they just happened to be nominated for visual effects.  Go me - lucky 13.

Spoiler alert!
*I LOVED Gravity*

*Best picture - Gravity*
Action and sci-fi tend to be my favorite genres so I'm sure that this could be wildly inaccurate.  This one was the most enjoyable of the super memorable ones.  Argo-logic implies American Hustle will win.

*Best Lead Actor - Chitwetel Ejiofor*
This was the performance that stuck with me the most. McConaughey can't get this just because he was finally good and not just super McConaughey-y in a movie.

*Best Supporting Actor - Barkhad Abdi*
The ones I saw were all good.  This actor's story is so cool it pushed him ahead a little.

*Lead Actress - Cate Blanchett*
She was so good in this movie.  I think that every one of these women deserved this so it's so hard!

*Supporting Actress - Jennifer Lawrence*
Julia and Lupita should get these too.  I feel like Osage was more about Julia Robert's Barb than anyone else including horrible Viv. Can I change this to Vote Julia Roberts for best lead actress and JL for Supporting?

*Animated -Frozen*
I'm looking forward to seeing the Wind Rises more but Frozen seems like it has gotten more press in general and in the NPR

*Cinematography - Gravity*

*Costume Design - American Hustle*

*Directing - Gravity*

*Film Editing - Gravity*
Or maybe 12 Yrs. I'm so glad my vote doesn't really count because I have no idea.

*Original Score - Gravity*
My first instinct was Philomena bc that was the one that I remembered the most, then I listened to a bit of each and Gravity.  wow!

*Original Song - Let it Go*
I can't stop singing this...

*Adapted Screenplay - 12 Years*
I haven't seen before Midnight but I think really it is barely a contest between the ones I saw. I'd really like to read this book.

*Original Screenplay - Her*
no contest. I re-listened to this  It was way more interesting after seeing this movie.

Visual Effects - Star Trek or Gravity. I don't need to pick for the party so I don't care. :)

Ok, Time to gather some 70's sweats and a fire extinguisher for my costume tonight.

52 things - Week 5

For this week, once again I am making something.  This isn't terribly surprising because I am still me...always matter what I do. It is possible that the take away for this year is that I am kind of obsessed with making things and should work on doing that for reals instead of the crappy stuff I actually do to make a living.
So I started with this recipe:

I wasn't really exact in my measurements because one thing I wanted to do was use all of the seasalt so I could stick some back in there.
The only thing I may do differently next time is to find non-gel food coloring.  I just stuck some in there thinking it would be fine and it didn't really mix as much as make really pretty clumps.  Sometimes I have to do stuff to make sure people aren't intimidated by my intelligence :)
Then I mixed some with water and added that.  Time will tell if that makes extra big bath crystals or is something I can do again.
Oh, and look! I have a use for pretty jars I save on account of being kind of crazy!

Cosplay does not equal consent - Week 4

So, I have been in a PSA before (for my church youth group)and I have signed a model release form before.  This week for the first time, I signed a talent release form.  I was talent!  If cheesy over acting is a talent.  We'll see and I will post a link once I have it.
For now, here is the teaser trailer
Where do the rest of these pictures go?
Oh well, the other actors will be in the actual video.

Being part of this project was very freeing in a way.  In my youth (which I mean as loosely as possible), I always thought creepy attention was a given. I will just leave it at that.
Good night, Night Vale, Good Night.
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