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All Mirth and No Matter

Orphan Black Play list

Orphan Black Play list

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The reasons contain spoilers are behind individual cuts.
Janelle Monae - Many Moons
The video fits Orphan Black theme of lack of agency plus Janelle plays various characters in many of her videos including this one.

Infared - Placebo

Cloud 69 - Lowell
A song for Cosima "Oh my god I think I need a girl friend"

Grimes - Oblivion
A song for Allison.  She's so paranoid

Haunted by the Thought of you - Jill Tracy
This song makes me think of just after Sarah and Helena meet

eileen - die stiefel sind zum wandern 7''
Black Rose - Eliza Rickman

Tightrope - Janelle Monae
"sanity is not statistical" -George Orwell.  I think the clones feel crazier than they are because their lives are so crazy.

Help I'm Alive - Metric
Sarah's song.  "If I stumble, they will eat me alive"

Sanity Assassin - Bauhaus

Night Reconnaissance
Rachel's song.  "Nothing is crueler than children who come from good homes"

Soda Shop by Jay Brannan
Allison's song.  I love how the lyrics have very 1950s/suburban imagery and is clearly about drinking that has gotten out of control.  "the I don't know when to stop sock hop"  Her drinking was something she thought she had under control but didn't, like a dance she was doing with herself.

Disparate Youth - Santigold
"where we go we go together"  this song makes me think of the clones all working together, risking their lives for a common goal.

Low- Bummer
That moment where Helena is wearing a bloody wedding dress and Sarah is tied to the shower. yeah, And Allison Scagliotti plays two characters

Pretty Little Head - Eliza Rickman
Helena. So many lyrics for her.  "where's your mother? fall down dead"  "sister...catch yourself a looker let him go, go, go...I wanna have your baby..."

Dark Days - Jolie Holland
just 'cuz

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