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All Mirth and No Matter

***powered by green tea

church sign

"But, I beseech your grace, pardon me: I
was born to speak all mirth and no matter."

Random stuff about me:
- I make stuff
- Lived overseas for one year
- Agnostic and mostly vegetarian
- When people ask me what I do, I want to say "laugh" but I know that isn't what they mean.

I can't decide if these should be in order by importance or timeline. Sometimes I am unsure of both attributes.

Firefly/Buffy - Restless Objects in Space mood theme by me
a perfect circle, aeryn sun, alpaca, alpaca yarn, andromeda, angel, anime, april march, argyle, art, artist trading cards, asian food, asian stationary, azumanga, badly drawn boy, battlestar galactica, billie holliday, bjork, blackadder, bones, british comedy, browncoats, btvs, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, cat mysteries, cats, celtic music, chachos, charlotte martin, cheap ass games, chiho aoshima, collide, costumes, cowboy bebop, creating, dadaist pep talks, daniel johnson, daria, dead like me, death cab, delirium, depeche mode, digital snapshots, dollar stores, dr. who, dresden dolls, ecto, elliot smith, emiliana torrini, extremely unfashionable girly music, faeries, fantasy, fiber arts, firefly, fluffyfluffy alpaca, fluxx, freeform crochet, froufrou, fsm, full metal alchemist, geocaching, gir, good food, green tea, halloween, handmade things, handspinning, harry potter, hedwig, heroes, hugh laurie, icons, illyria, indi films, indian food, invader zim, kate rusby, kaylee, killer bunnies, knitting, la santisima muerte candles, larry niven, leonard cohen, lost, marvin the martian, max ernst, mirrah, mooninites, mythology, neil gaiman, neopets, nervousness.org, netflix, nina simone, npr, paisley, pastafarians, pirates, placebo, podcasts, radiohead, remedios varo, s.p.a.n.c, sandman, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, serenity, settlers of catan, sewing machine, simon green, simpsons, singing, sisters of mercy, space, sparkly things, spike, spinning fibers, st:tng, starbuck, stephen trask, strawberries, subversion, supernatural, surrealism, sweater porn, tenchi, the angry inch, the decemberists, the finches, the prisoner, they might be giants, tiny girl super weapons, tom waits, tool, tori amos, trance gemini, twisp & catsby, ugly hats, unitarian universalism, veronica mars, vulcans, whole foods, wild textured yarns, wonderfalls, xena, yarn, yoda